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Nursing Home Care Training Videos


Food Safety in Residential Care

This module will address the care providerís responsibility to ensure food is safe, nutritious, appealing and delicious for our residents. We will discuss how food borne illness is caused and spread as well as the proper hand washing technique and general safety practices related to food preparation.
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Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities Video DVD BBP

Bloodborne diseases continue to pose major health problems. Increasing infection rates for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are now making them as serious a concern as HIV, the virus which can often lead to AIDS.
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Service Plans

This module will address the purpose of individualized resident service plans. Issues addressed in service plans, individualizing resident care, creating and updating service plans, and the role the caregiver plays in the service planning process will all be discussed. This module will also address regulatory requirements.
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Dementia Care - Health Complications

This training video course is designed to prepare your staff to prevent, identify, and intervene successfully for pneumonia, swallowing disorders, and aspiration.
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California Abuse Reporting Training Kit

Failure to report physical or financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult is a misdemeanor. As a mandated reporter, the licensee, administrator, and staff in a residential care facility must understand when and how to report suspected or alleged incidences of abuse. This kit includes a staff training DVD, sample policies, reporting forms, learner workbook, and a reporting decision tree to ensure your staff report to the appropriate agencies.
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Florida Homemaker/Companion Initial Training Education Packages

This 6 DVD package meets the initial training requirements outlined in Florida’s Rule: 59A – 18.009: Homemakers or Companions.

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Monitoring Residents for Changes in Condition

In this module we will address reasons for changes in condition, as well as getting to know the individual resident. We will discuss monitoring residents from head to toe, general recommendations, and reporting the changes you observe.
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Assisting With Medications DVD (Developed for Unlicensed Home Care Personnel)

This program teaches unlicensed home care personnel how to assist with medications and remain within their scope of practice.
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How to Assist With Medications (DVD)

This program teaches unlicensed home care personnel how to assist with medications and remain within their scope of practice.
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Assisted Living Policy and Procedure Manual

Your resident care policies and procedures form the basis of a successful community where care and services are of the highest quality. Build a successful foundation with our Assisted Living Policy and Procedure Manual.
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How to Manage Medications DVD (Developed for Primary & Family Caregivers) DVD

This program teaches primary and family caregivers safe practices for administering and storing various types of medications.
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Texas Direct Care Staff Training Kit

The Texas Direct Care Staff Training Kit from Care and Compliance Group provides you with practical training materials and DVDs that make it easy to conduct direct care staff training in your Assisted Living Community. This is kit perfect for training new staff and conducting ongoing in-services.
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Back Safety For Health Care Providers (DVD)

Back Safety for Health Care Providers program explains how the back works. We want to explain how the back works so you'll have enough information to make the right choices on how to lift anything safely
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Bloodborne Pathogens: A Healthcare Refresher - USB / DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

This program is short and to the point! It's ideal for retraining healthcare professionals who have already received initial training.

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Bloodborne Pathogens In Behavioral Healthcare - DVD / USB

As you know OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 1910.1030 mandates that all healthcare workers obtain annual retraining on Bloodborne Pathogens.
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diverstiy training video

Cultural Diversity In Health Care- East Meets West - Video

Culturally competent care adapts care interventions to the cultural needs and preferences (ethnic and religious beliefs, values, and practices) of diverse clients. This program provides practical and effective methods of recognizing and dealing with the special needs of different cultures. Special introduction and topic preview in Mandarin Chinese. (3 CE Contact Hours)
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Illinois In-Home Service Workers Initial Training Package

This 14 DVD package meets the initial training requirements outlined in Illinois Title 77: Section 245.71 – “Qualifications and Requirements for Home Services Workers”

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Elements of Backcare - Healthcare Version (DVD)

Elements of Back for the Health Care Industry, educates employees on how to properly care for their backs and prevent injuries in a health care setting. This program covers proper techniques for patient movements and transfers. Also included is information on the use of transfer tools to make jobs easier and safer.
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Fire Extinguishers In Healthcare - USB / DVD

One of the keys to fighting fire is using fire extinguishers - and using them right. Teach workers about the different classes of fire and how to use fire extinguishers.
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Fire Extinguishers Your PASS To Safety: Healthcare Version - USB / DVD

One of the keys to fighting fire is using fire extinguishers - and using them right. Teach workers about the different classes of fire and how to use fire extinguishers with this program.
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Healthcare Violence: Be Part Of The Cure (DVD)

Video Streaming Also Available

Healthcare facilities are no longer considered immune from the violence of the outside world. In one state alone, nearly 60 percent of hospital employees received injuries from patients or visitors. Protect your employees by teaching them how to spot potential violence and how to diffuse a hostile situation.
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Healthcare Safety Orientation Training DVD

As a healthcare professional, you know that your patients continually rely on you for their health and safety - but what about your own? It can only take a minute of neglect on your part or that of a co-worker for you to become a patient yourself.

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Infection Control for Ambulatory Care - USB / DVD

In healthcare settings, infections usually spread by droplet, airborne or contact transmission. Today, healthcare personnel break the chain of transmission by following Standard Precautions with all patients.
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Lila's Story - Healthcare Customer Service - USB / DVD

Customer satisfaction does not happen accidentally. It requires deliberate actions on our part to identify and then satisfy customer expectations.faction does not happen accidentally.
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