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Project Management Training Courses


Become a Contributing Project Team Member (Online Course)

Individuals learn what is required for them to be a successful member of any project team. (8-Courses)
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Rocket Game - Complete Kit

Rocket: The Project Management Game is a competitive team simulation that emphasizes simple, fast, and flexible techniques for tackling everyday projects successfully.
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Project Leadership Assessment - Starter Kit

Project leadership isn't just about logistics. It's also about the ability of the project leader to motivate the project team, build relationships, and sustain the performance of the team throughout the life of the project.
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Creating Great Teamwork (Online Course)

Managers strengthen their skills to build great teamwork among their employees and team. (5-Courses)
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Practical Project Management Customizable Course

Practical Project Management will help employees to become effective leaders on projects of any size and scope. The program walks participants through four key stages to project management.
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The Project Management Tool Kit

The Project Management Tool Kit is a comprehensive resource that identifies the competencies for successful project managers and organizations; provides reproducible assessments to measure organization and individual strengths; facilitates developmental action planning; includes comprehensive facilitator instructions
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The Project Manager's Partner

A Step-by-Step Guide to Project Management, Second Edition by Michael Greer

Like its predecessor, The Project Manager's Partner Second Edition draws its inspiration from The Project Management Institute's Guide to PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), seeking to provide specific how-to-do-it tips for achieving many of the PM practices identified in PMBOK.

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Creative Problem Solving Applied Customizable Course

In this program, participants learn techniques for both generating a variety of relative, novel ideas to problem resolution and evaluating their effectiveness.
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Project Management For Workgroups: Facilitator's Guide for The Project Manager's Partner

Use Project Management for Workgroups with The Project Manager's Partner for immediate, consistent application of project management skills while developing a project plan.

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Rapid Skillbuilder Library - 2 Volume Set

The Rapid Skillbuilder Library - 2 Volume Set comes complete with one copy of all 42 of the Rapid Skillbuilder Series. Each Volume includes 21 different skillbuilders.
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Learning to Manage Customizable Course

Learning to Manage walks you through the process of successful management by introducing the tools and techniques for effectively handling five target areas – people, projects, performance, problems, and even personal development because successful management starts with being able to manage yourself.

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Project Management Workbook 5-Pack

Projects are a way of life, in both technical and nontechnical disciplines: human resources, finance, procurement, marketing, and other functional areas use projects to get work done.
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EXCEL- Planning & Scheduling DVD Workshop

This 1/2 day, instructor led workshop includes a leaders guide, participant booklet, video footage, and power point slides. Managers will learn important planning and organizing techniques including: How to involve employees in planning, a 4-stage cycle for project management, supervising through goals instead of activities, analyzing work flow, and preparing PERT and Gantt charts.
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Rapid Skillbuilder Project Management 10 Pack

The Project Management SkillBuilder provides an individual with a thorough overview, techniques, and methods to improve in this competency.

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Balancing Priorities Customizable Course

How many times have you heard this plea for help? The demand for productivity is greater than ever before. Deadlines are tight, resources are limited, technology is complex, and often times employees have the added challenge of reporting to more than one manager. It's no surprise this pressure can lead to increased conflict and overwhelming feelings of confusion.
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4 Volume Collection of Questionnaires

This special offer includes 4 fully reproducible Volumes of assessments. Volumes I and II of Sarah Cook’s Compendium of Questionnaires and Inventories, The Compendium of Learning and Development Quizzes, and 25 Reproducible Instruments for Team Building by Glenn Parker. A total of 163 questionnaires are included in this 4 volume special.

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The Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Toolbox

These ready-to-use tools are applicable to problem solving, decision making, creativity and innovation, quality, operations and service. Tools include: Force Field Analysis, Process Mapping, Decision Trees, Cost Benefit Analysis, SWOT Charts, Evaluation Matrix and many more.
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Project Management for Managers (Online Course)

Project Managers focus on the skills required to lead and manage effective and successful projects. (18 courses)
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Meetings: Concise and Profitable

We will learn the leader will create a brief, organized agenda. We will learn the leader will facilitate the discussion and encourage everyone to constructively particpate. We will learn how the leader converts decisions into answers and plans
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