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Compressed Gases Safety Videos


Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory Safety Video

Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory DVD Program examines how gas cylinders "work", the hazards that are associated with them and the need for caution when using or storing a cylinder.
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Respiratory Protection: Breathing Safely - DVD Training Program

Helps you satisfy OSHA's respiratory protection training requirements. Enhanced with the EyeCue Visual Learning System. English & Spanish available all in one program.
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Construction Series - Compressed Gas Cylinders - Handling and Storage DVD

This program focuses on the safety when handling and storage of gas cylinders.
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Handling Compressed Gas Safely (DVD)

The program covers the various types of gas that are contained in gas cylinders. Safe handling procedures and use of compressed gas are discussed. Gas cylinder sizes can range from a small table top cylinder to one ton cylinders. Anyone working with or handling compressed gas containers must be properly trained. This program focuses on the safe procedures in handling of compressed gas cylinders.
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Working Safely With Compressed Air (DVD)

Pneumatic-powered tools using compressed air are: nail guns, air ratchets, chisels, saws, specialty fasteners and jack hammers, to name a few. Management must ensure all compressed air components meet safety regulations. Equipment must be inspected by qualified employees on a regular basis. Only trained employees are permitted to operate compressed air equipment
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Construction Series - Safely Using Compressed Gas Cylinders DVD

Safely Using Compressed Gas Cylinders - The vast majority of gases used for industrial uses such as welding and cutting is purchased in cylinders. These cylinders must be constructed and maintained in accordance with the Department of Transportation's regulations.
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Propane Safety Training DVD

Propane Safety - Liquefied petroleum gas, commonly called LPG or LP gas is a mixture of several hydrocarbon gases. Propane and butane, used separately or in mixtures, are the principal LP gases.
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Cryogenics and Compressed Gas Safety (DVD)

Cryogenics and compressed gas safety is a critical part of any university’s safety program. Almost 200 different types of gases can be contained in gas cylinders. Cryogenic gases are liquefied gases that are kept in their liquid state at very low temperatures and high pressures. This program covers the hazards, types of gases with emphasis on safety
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Compressed Gas Cylinders Safety Video

"Compressed Gas Cylinders" provide the information that employees need to work safely with these potentially hazardous storage containers and the gases inside them. And this updated program features all-new visuals and a fresh look and feel to engage employees more effectively and promote better learning.
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Cylinders DVD

Cylinders training video package teaches manufacturers, organizations, fire departments, hazmat teams and other emergency personnel about proper use of compressed gas cylinders as well as response procedures to leaks, spills, and fires involving this equipment.
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Employee Safety Orientation Videos

This Employee Safety Orientation Video package contains over 21 commonly used workplace training programs.
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Safety In The Maintenance Department Part 2 (DVD)

This program covers lockout/tagout, confined space, fire prevention, ladders, compressors, hazardous materials, MSDS and labels with emphasis on safety.
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Manufacturing Tailgate Safety - 28 Videos

This package contains multiple training topics for the manufacturing industry. This 3 DVD and 1 CDROM set includes 28 short tailgate videos for the construction industry. Each video averages roughly 5 minutes in length.
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Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory Safety Video

Our training program on "Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory" examine how gas cylinders "work", the hazards that are associated with them and the need for caution when using or storing a cylinder.
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Flammables & Explosives in the Laboratory Safety Video

Flammables and Explosives in the Laboratory discuss the nature of flammable and explosive materials, as well as hazards associated with their use. They also review the proper handling procedures and personal protective equipment that should be used when working with these substances.
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