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Spanish Employee Training Videos


Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace Combined Set - Spanish

What makes these new programs unique is a sequence of original stories that convey important training points as seen through the eyes of the participants. Instead of explanations from on-screen narrators, first-hand reporting keeps the action moving and makes it personal. (Available in English & Spanish)
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Accident Investigation (Spanish) DVD

This program is designed to equip you with the information you need to understand why accidents occur in your workplace and how to avoid similar occurrences in the future.
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Alert Driving (DVD)

Understanding the importance of being an alert driver can mean the difference between life and death. Learn how to observe conditions around you, anticipate hazardous situations, and react to avoid hazards with our Alert Driving course.

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The American Disabilities Act (ADA) Video

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26, 1990. It’s designed as a federal anti-discrimination statute to make both public and private entities accessible to the more than 40 million Americans across the country. The goal of the new law is to allow Americans with disabilities to lead productive lives by providing minor accommodations.
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As Simple as Respect - Spanish (DVD)

Free Online Preview Available!

This easy-to-follow program that features a series of workplace vignettes that illustrate disrespectful behavior and how to correct it.

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Back Injury Prevention (English/Spanish Combination) DVD

Using common sense, simple exercises, proper lifting procedures and having an understanding of back stress can help you teach employees to take care of their backs.
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Bloodborne Pathogens: Always Protect Yourself (Spanish) DVD

This program is designed to educate your employees on how to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens.
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Bullying and Respect in the Workplace - Spanish (DVD)

Video Steaming Also Available!

This brand new release is intended to do just that. In five dramatic stories taking place in settings that range from a hospital to City Hall, victims and witnesses will see how to speak up and challenge a coworker’s mean-spirited behavior in a straightforward way that earns them respect.
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Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions

Use this conflict management video to reduce workplace conflict and help employees learn conflict resolution skills that improve collaboration, compromise and creativity.
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Employee Safety Orientation (Spanish) DVD

Safety is an important responsibility for you, the company and fellow employees. This program is an overview of your safety responsibilities to help perform your job safely.
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Fire Extinguisher Safety - Spanish (DVD)

We see them hanging on the wall every day but most people know very little about fire extinguishers. Use this DVD or computer-based training module to educate your team on the fire triangle, the types of fires that can occur in the workplace, and how and when to use a fire extinguisher. This course also describes when to evacuate and provides some proper maintenance tips for fire extinguishers.
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Give`em the Pickle! (Spanish) - DVD

Your business is not what you sell, it's who you serve. Meet Bob Farrell, founder of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant, as he serves up the most important aspect of any service business taking care of the customer.
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Handle with Care: Forklift Safety Training (Spanish) DVD

This program is designed to provide your employees with the equipment-specific training needed to comply with OSHA's powered industrial truck standard.
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Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences Combined Set (Spanish)

Everyone in the workplace can benefit from understanding what qualifies as harassment, and why it cannot be tolerated. These comprehensive programs clarify how to recognize and prevent harassment, and what to do if harassment occurs.

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Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences - Employee Version - Spanish

Your employees need to know that they are just as responsible for maintaining a harassment-free office as you are. Things like inappropriate pictures, jokes, emails, gestures, and touching can create a hostile environment where protected characteristics become targets. (Available in English & Spanish)
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Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences - Manager Version - Spanish

Educate all of your managers and employees about the details surrounding the difficult subject of harassment. Everyone in the workplace can benefit from understanding what qualifies as harassment, and why it cannot be tolerated. 

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Harassment Hurts: It's Personal - Spanish (DVD)

Produced - 2009

Harassment Hurts: It's Personal (Spanish version) explores the pain and cost of harassment, covering such topics as age, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, pregnancy, ethnicity, sexual harassment and much more.

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Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond — California Manager Version DVD

Keep your California mandated training fresh with our all-new dramatic Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond — California Manager Version. (Available in English & Spanish)

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Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond - Employee Version (Spanish Version) DVD

This new training program brings this message home, showing that bad behavior is not OK—whether it applies to sex, religion, or anything beyond…and whether it actually crosses the line into illegal harassment or not. This course is also a California AB 1825 compliant training solution

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Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond — Employee/California Manager Combination Package - Spanish

Combine the California Manager Employee Spanish versions of our newest harassment training video and save! In a series of compelling stories, this film explains the law while capturing the imagination and personalizing the value of inclusiveness. The California Manager program with help you in complying with AB 1825 regulations. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond — Manager Version DVD

Managers need to understand more than the basic rights and wrongs surrounding workplace harassment. They also need a healthy dose of empathy—one that helps them appreciate not only the business implications of maintaining a respectful workplace, but the emotional aspects as well. This course is also California AB 1825 compliant.
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Hire for Attitude - DVD Spanish

Why focus on attitude? Quite simply, skills can be taught. Attitude cannot. You've probably had the experience of hiring someone who you thought was perfect for the job—only to find out later that the person could not work within the organization.

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Hot Work Safety - Spanish (DVD)

This DVD covers basic guidelines and best work practices for performing hot work safely. Before welding, cutting, or brazing metal or performing any work that could generate enough heat or sparks to start a fire, everyone involved should be properly trained on the fundamentals of hot work safety.
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How to Connect in 90 seconds or less - DVD (Spanish)

How to Connect in 90 seconds or less is a fun and motivational training program that will teach your employees how to naturally make a genuine connection with everyone they meet.
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In This Together (Spanish) - DVD

The In This Together training package presents an engaging look at harassment and respect in the workplace. Seven front line employees from a variety of businesses speak directly to their peers as they lay out the issues of respect and harassment head on.

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It’s Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment for Employees (Spanish)

Join our host as she explains the law, and then introduces 14 real-world scenarios to illustrate the most common sexual harassment issues confronting organizations today, including inappropriate touching, slurs, jokes, computer-related materials, and much more.

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Leadership at Every Level - DVD

This video begins by demonstrating successful management styles: direction, influence, collaboration, and delegation. It then explains how your setting and your subordinates determine which management style is most appropriate for your situation -- and the need to adapt to changing circumstances.

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Managing Me - DVD Spanish

Produced - 2007

As the leader of any group, problems are inevitable. do you react? Do you lead with your gut...or your head? This is the dilemma that the host of "Managing Me" grapples with. When problems arise at work, he can choose to react with either impulse or reason. As each situation plays out, the better reaction is clear.

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Personal Care (Spanish) DVD

This program teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers the principles behind personal care and how to perform procedures safely and respectfully.
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Whale Done! Series (DVD Set) Spanish

Transform your organization with the power of positive relationships! Best selling author Ken Blanchard shows how to improve workplace relationships and productivity by using the Whale Done!™ approach. Filmed on location at SeaWorld, Whale Done!™ offers majestic sea creatures, a compelling message and memorable workshop activities that will have an immediate and positive impact on your workplace.
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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Employee/Manager Combination Package- DVDs

Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Employee/Manager Combo (Spanish version) Save money by combining the Manager and Employee versions of this best-selling and award-winning sexual harassment training. (DVD or Video Streaming)

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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach - Employee Version - Spanish DVD

Video Steaming Also Available!

>This best-selling training video offers a thorough explanation of what kinds of behaviors constitute sexual harassment. Dramatic scenes cover the two types of harassment recognized by the courts: hostile work environment and quid pro quo.
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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach - Manager's Version Spanish DVD

Managers have to be as educated about sexual harassment as their employees. This award-winning program features six real world scenes depicting different kinds of unwelcome behavior, including inappropriate comments, unwanted touching, and quid pro quo harassment, in which a superior uses his power to coerce an underling.

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Sign Now... Pay Later - Generic Version (Spanish DVD)

Using dramatizations of union tricks and tactics, this video shows supervisors and employees what they might expect as a Union Card Signing Campaign progresses.
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