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Career Skills Training Videos & Courses

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How to Make Yourself Indispensable Customizable Course

Indispensable employees are always indispensable, no matter where they go or what they do. that's because It's more about attitude than skill set. They know the key to their success is to work smarter, not harder. They understand whereto focus their energy to get the greatest return on their efforts.
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Preparation for Release: Part Two (for women) Video

Female offenders learn how to create a proactive plan of action for their re-entry into society and access "Outside the Walls" assistance. Professionals and former offenders discuss the importance of pre-release planning and how to do it.
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Career Education Series: Workplace Basics: Essential Skills (2 Pack)

With two young hosts to introduce vignettes and a short on-screen quiz after each section, this program will convince students of the direct connection between the skills they learn in school and their success in the workplace.
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Nurse - Career Video

In this program, host Melody Young goes on a fascinating visit with Nurse Anne Bolan. She discovers the demands and rewards of the nursing profession.
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Keys to Getting Hired for Job Seekers over 50: Ace the Interview and Get the Job - Video

Research, practice, and preparation are essential for interview success. This video will help your clients master these important steps and know what to expect in different types of interviews. Career coaches and former job seekers share strategies to help your clients prepare for interviews, make a great first impression, and convince employers they are the right person to hire.

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The Business Of TV News - The Bosses & The Legends Series

This video series is designed for those who want to be in the field of TV reporting and features interviews from first time reporters, discussing what the job entails and what to expect at your first station.
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The Business Of TV News - The Creative Series

Valuable For Students Ready to Enter TV Broadcasting. This series takes you beyond the text book, beyond the classroom and directly Behind the Scenes of TV news, revealing not just the triumphs of news reporting but the failures and problems too.
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College-to-Career Transition Inventory (Pack of 25)

The College-to-Career Transition Inventory helps students recognize those potential barriers so they more successfully enter the world of work. Namely, it helps students pinpoint the false beliefs and potential gaps in knowledge and skills that might prevent them from finding a job or succeeding in their careers. It does so by assessing student's self-assessed knowledge, skills, and attitudes crucial to career success in five areas
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Professional Etiquette and Image

How You Act and Dress Matters! Professional Etiquette and Image (10-Pack)

The Soft Skills Solutions program helps individuals develop the critical soft skills needed for getting hired quickly, being career ready, and staying employed.
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Career Readiness Package

This Career Readiness Package features a collection of multimedia learning tools that work well together to teach people the fundamentals of being an effective employee.
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Medical Technician - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young visits a cardiac technician and learns about the career opportunities in medicine besides becoming a doctor or a nurse.
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FACS Careers Training Video

In this career day DVD meet real people with fascinating jobs! Presents nine career opportunities for both males and females in the field of Family & Consumer Sciences
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Tell Me How About Professionals At Work - Video

The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center or school curriculum. It explores a large number of career opportunities and different occupations to students, featuring real people doing real jobs.
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Quick Job Search Trainng Video Set

Teach people which job search methods are the most effective in today's job market and how to land a good job in half the time. The second edition of this video series gives viewers quick, reliable advice in two concise DVDs.
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Coaching Career Development (e-Learning Course)

Managers learn how to guide and coach employees in developing their career within the organization. (6-Courses)
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Ex-offender's Guide to Job Fair Success (DVD)

A job fair is one of the most effective methods for developing key contacts and finding employment. Instead of spending hours scouring the Internet or classifieds to find job leads, ex-offenders can go to a single place to speak with handfuls of employers. In this video, ex-offenders will discover how to make the most of a job fair.
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Firefighter - Career Video

In this program host Jeff Gardner introduces career firefighter Allen McWhirter. He discusses the techniques of fighting dangerous fires and why he has dedicated his life to his occupation.
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Barriers to Employment Success Video

Whether individuals are looking for a job or working to keep the one they have, they are bound to face obstacles. Some won't have a resume or reliable transportation. Others may lack the education or experience needed to advance on the job. These are just a few of the barriers that people face in the world of work every day, but they can be overcome.
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Tell Me How About Careers in Science - Video

Tell Me How Career Series - Career Education & Opportunities for Young People. The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center or school curriculum.
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Tell Me How About Fun Jobs - Video

Tell Me How Career Series - Career Education & Opportunities for Young People. The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center or school curriculum.

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Doctor - Internist Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner meets Dr. Judy Shaw-Rice, an internist. Dr. Rice discusses the route that must be followed in order to achieve such a specialized professional goal.
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Sports Agent - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young learns what its like to market and work out the contracts for the worlds top professional athletes
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Truck Driver - Career Video

In this program host Host Jeff Gardner spends his day with truck driver Tim Wells. From inspecting the engine to dealing with traffic, Jeff discovers there is a lot more to driving an 18-wheeler than meets the eye.
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Chef - Career Video

In this program Chef Valerie Rovira shows host Jeff Gardner the teamwork and creativity required to be a chef and discusses the safety issues in the kitchen.
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Salesperson - Career Video

In this video program host Jeff Gardner learns about the special skills needed to be a successful salesperson.
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