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Architect - Career Video

In this program find out what is takes to become an architect as host Melody Young visits an architectural team.
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Television Reporter - Career Video

In this program, host Melody Young visits the network studios with reporter Jeanne Ohm out in the field and in the studio.
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Accountant - Career Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner follows an accountant through his daily routine of number crunching and client networking. Find out why accounting isn't just numbers and math.
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The Right Job for You

Building on concepts presented in The World of Work, this program teaches viewers how to set short- and long-term goals, methods for researching job objectives that fit their skills and interests, and how to develop a career plan for achieving these goals.
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Sports Radio Talk Show Host - Career Video

In this program, host Melody Young visits a sports radio talk show host and learns about the equipment, training and excitement of the radio station.
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Runway Model - Video

In this program hosts Jeff Gardner and Melody Young take a look at one of the most demanding and fun occupations when the visit a runway model.
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Dress and Groom for the Workplace - Video

This enlightening DVD presents the fundamental principles of dressing for success on the job interview and in the workplace. Viewers are shown examples of these concepts to reinforce what works and what doesn't in formal offices, as well as in blue-collar work environments. The video also provides tips for creative shopping methods to help viewers find the appropriate clothes on any budget.
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Disc Jockey - Career Video

In this program host Jeff Gardner learns how the exciting world of a disc jockey can be fun but also stressful.
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Special Effects Make-Up Artist - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young joins a team of professional make-up effect artists as they prepare actors for a chilling haunted house!
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Confessions of an Event Planner Training Video

An interview and behind the scenes footage with Dena Marie Modica, Director of Sales and Marketing for Solera Restaurant and Event Center, gives the audience insight into the career of an event planner.
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Park Ranger - Career Video

In this program, host Melody Young visits with park ranger Jerry Bartel and learns about the care of the animals and vegetation within the park setting.
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Photographer - Career Video

In this program host Jeff Gardner visits commercial photographer Ken Evett and learns about the many skills necessary for success as a photographer.
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Civil Engineer - Career Video

In this program, Civil Engineer Epi Salazar helps host, Jeff Gardner get a grasp on the technical side of roads, bridges and buildings.
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Newspaper Editor - Career Video

In this program host Jeff Gardner puts a newspaper editors hat to get the story to press with editor Michica Guillory
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Private Airplane Pilot - Career Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner visits flight instructor Ulrick Laursen who discusses the steps to becoming a private airline pilot and gets an overview of the rigorous training every pilot must undergo.
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Mayor - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young talks with Mayor Lee Brown and gets some inside information on the complex job of managing the fourth largest city in North America.
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Basic Field Production: Sound Recording - Video

This program follows the sound recordist step-by-step through advance planning, evaluating the location, choosing the right equipment for the session, mixing strategies, test recording and session procedure.
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Personal Potential DVD and Activities Kit

Who are you and how do you make decisions about your life and future? Explore your personal potential through the powerful motivational Personal Potential DVD and thought-provoking and guiding questions.
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Crane Operator - Career Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner meets with Mike Crumrine who has been operating large cranes for 30 years. We learn about the differences between old and new cranes, how to inspect them, how they work and the training and skills necessary to become a crane operator.
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Zookeeper - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young visits with Zookeeper Ric Urban and discovers the education required to care for animals and the role of zoos in preserving endangered species.
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The Job Search

This training videos program explains many effective ways to find job openings, including contacting employers directly, posting resumes online, and using a network of contacts. Viewers learn which job search techniques have the best results and how to create a job search plan for their situations.
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Librarian - Career Video

In this program host Jeff Gardner learns the important details of being a great librarian or resource specialist.
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Horse Trainer - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young visits with professional horse trainer Shelia Klein, who discusses the care, training and dedication needed to train champion race horses.
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Banker - Career Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner spends the day with New Accounts Manager Gwen Timmons and gets some invaluable tips on managing checking and savings accounts along with the training and skills required in the banking industry.
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The World of Work

In this video training program, viewers learn what they need from a job and what they have to offer an employer. The DVD features tips for budgeting time and money, identifying job skills, and seeing through the eyes of an employer.
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Dolphin Trainer - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young and Jeff Gardner learn about this exciting profession and meet dolphin trainer Chuck Cureau as they explore the new technologies that are used to train marine mammals.
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Military Career Transition Package

Transitioning military face many challenges when re-entering civilian society and searching for a job. Guidance tailored to their unique situations more effectively helps them overcome obstacles and get on track to career and life success.
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Get That Job

Land your dream job with this helpful DVD! Get that Job will guide you through resume and cover letter do's and don'ts, and quick tips as we create a polished resume and cover letter.
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Dog Trainer Video

In this program join host Melody Young as she visits service dog trainer Angie Sumpter who demonstrates how she trains dogs that help the hearing impaired.
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Animal Trainer - Career Video

In this program hosts, Melody and Jeff team up to explore the occupation of one of the most famous animal trainers in the world: Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circuss own Mark Gebel.
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The Job Seeker's Toolkit DVD

This training video program shows how to assemble a job seeker's toolkit, beginning with the most important tool—a resume. Viewers learn about the type of resume that suits them best, the parts of a resume, and resume do's and don'ts for their situations. Cover letters, job applications, and portfolios are also covered.
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Looking At Careers: It's Never Too Soon (2 Pack) DVDs

What does your personality have to do with choosing a career? This eye-opening program shows middle school students why understanding their personality preferences is a good place to start when thinking about a career.
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Three Keys to Becoming a Great Leader - DVD

Susan Packard’s three keys to great leadership: leaders are connected, leaders keep their organizations fresh, and leaders show courage. Easier said than done?

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Career Priorities Profile, Third Edition

The Career Priorities Profile assessment empowers individuals to identify priorities and evaluate their career or job choices based on those priorities.
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Six Tips for Graphic Design Sizzle Video

Information-packed DVD that shows how to use the "six tips plan" to graphic design. Friends help Kelsey with a design dilemma as she creates a poster for a charity drive.
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