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A Rational Guide for Returning to the Post COVID-19 Workplace (Free Video)

A Rational Guide for Returning to the Post COVID-19 Workplace (Free Video)
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Organizations that are planning to reintegrate back into their regular business sites need a plan that maintains safety, manages resources and rebuilds morale.
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Creating a Safe and Healthy Office Environment and Working Safely in the age of the COVID-19 Pandemic (Video)

Life as we know it is changing and disrupting every sector of our lives in the age of COVID-19. The ramifications of the Coronavirus Pandemic have rippled across every aspect of our professional and personal lives. With governments enforcing stringent guidelines to protect its citizens there is much that can be done by businesses when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of employees.
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5 Ways COVID-19 Will Change the Future of Work (Free Download)

In this whitepaper, Kris Dunn, CHRO for Kinetix and founder of the popular HR blogs Fistful of Talent and The HR Capitalist, explores five ways in which COVID-19 has changed the future of work – and how HR leaders are reinventing themselves to show organizational readiness in a post-pandemic world.

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Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 (Free Download)

This guidance is not a standard or regulation, and it creates no new legal obligations. It contains recommendations as well as descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards. The recommendations are advisory in nature, informational in content, and are intended to assist employers in providing a safe and healthful workplace.

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Coronavirus: Guarding Against COVID-19: Online Interactive Training

Coronavirus: Guarding Against COVID-19 online course discusses COVID-19 hazards and the safe practices that the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and other healthcare authorities recommend that you follow to avoid them.
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Sweats to Suits: A Common Sense, Practical Guide For Employees Returning to the Post COVID-19 Workplaces (Free Video)

The return to the office is something that can be planned for in a more organized and orderly fashion than the WFH rush. However, are you mentally and physically ready for the return? This course is a commonsense guide for returning to the post-COVID-19 workplace – from sweats back to suits.

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Online Course

This course aims to clarify some of the frequently asked questions about COVID-19 or the coronavirus disease 2019. Learning some basic prevention methods will help you protect yourself and your co-workers.
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OSHA's Newly Released COVID-19 Guidance: Recommended Protocols for PPE, Personnel Training, and More - On-Demand

Learn how to protect your workforce from the spread of COVID-19 by having an effective written ATD exposure control plan and procedures in place, ensuring the proper use of PPE, and initiating workforce training to prevent the spread of ATDs in the workplace.
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COVID-19 and California Safety Compliance: Exposure Plans, PPE, & Protocols - On-Demand

Learn how to comply with Cal/OSHA’s Interim Guidance for Protecting Health Care Workers from Exposure to 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) with effective written ATD exposure control plan and procedures, workforce training to prevent the spread of ATDs in the workplace, and proper PPE.

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What Employers Can Do to Protect Workers from Pandemic Influenza (Free Download)

During an influenza pandemic, transmission of the pandemic virus can be anticipated in the workplace, not only from patients to workers in healthcare settings, but also from customers and coworkers in general work settings. Employers can use a set of occupational safety and health controls referred to as the “hierarchy of controls” to reduce exposures to pandemic influenza in their workplaces.

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Coronavirus & Other Contagions: HR & Safety's Role Preventing Spread of Infection During Pandemics - On-Demand

Learn HR and safety management best practices for preventing the spread of the contagious and infectious disease in your workplace.
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COVID-19: Business Continuity Action Plan Development & Emergency Response Protocols - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar with Attorney Nita Beecher of Fortney Scott and emergency preparedness expert Lucien Canton, CEM on what the COVID-19 means to your business both now and in the future and what strategies you should be implementing to safeguard your business.
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COVID-19's Impact on Health Benefits: Critical Answers on Benefits and More - On-Demand

Learn how to manage employee health benefit plans during the COVID-19 crisis
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Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act Effective April 1: What You Need to Know to Comply - On-Demand

Learn how to comply with the newly enacted federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
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Good Manufacturing Practices: Food Safety's In Your Hands - USB / DVD

Includes English, Spanish & Portuguese versions!

Good manufacturing practices are essential to protecting the population against infection spread through food. This program helps employees avoid putting lives in danger.

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Respiratory Protection: Respiratory Infection Control - Respirators Versus Surgical Masks Fact Sheet (Free Download)

It is important that employers and workers understand the significant differences between these two types of personal protective equipment. The decision whether or not to require workers to use either surgical masks or respirators must be based upon a hazard analysis of the workers’ specific work environments and the different protective properties of each type of personal protective equipment.

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Paid Family & Sick Leave Amid COVID-19 Crisis: The New Families First Coronavirus Response Act - On-Demand

The FFCRA builds on an $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus spending package enacted into law on March 6 and deals with the immediate public health crisis the COVID-19 pandemic is causing, including many provisions that will have a direct impact on employers nationwide.
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Health Essentials at Work: Avoiding Infectious Disease - DVD / USB

Health Essentials at Work gives employees the essential tools they need to keep themselves, their coworkers, and others they come into contact with as safe and healthy as possible when infectious disease, from the common cold to COVID-19, puts them at risk.
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Hand washing is one of the most important steps in infection control. This video is quick and to the point, demonstrating for your staff how and when to wash their hands.
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2020 COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Package

Protect your customers, patrons, community, patients, employees, and yourself with this easy to implement COVID-19 action plan. Thoroughly researched to address CDC, OSHA, Infection Control and other requirements for employers.
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2020 COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan Download

Protect your customers, patrons, community, patients, employees, and yourself with this easy to implement COVID-19 action plan. Thoroughly researched to address CDC, OSHA, Infection Control and other requirements for employers.
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Handwashing and Bacteria For Cafeterias (DVD)

Health experts say washing your hands reduces the spread of viruses and other organisms that cause disease. This advice may sound simple; however, experts say a lot of people do not follow it. Infections can spread by touching surfaces that have harmful organisms on them. Shaking hands with another person also can spread infection.
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Handwashing: Avoiding Germs and Viruses At Work - USB / DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

Each year, millions of people get sick. Whether it's the common cold, the flu or something more serious, we miss a lot of work.
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How To Prevent The Travel Virus (DVD)

How To Prevent The Travel Virus - When planning a trip, it is important to consider any health problems that may arise. This program will provide tips you need to consider when planning your travel.
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Infection Control Pocket Guide (Handbooks/25 Pack)

In this handy pocket guide your employees will be trained on proven infection control procedures--a vital part of health care.
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