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Law Enforcement Training Videos


1st Response to Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 1: Conflict Resolution/Containment-DVD

Training in de-escalation of volatile situations. Response to "failure to comply" examined.
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1st Response to Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 2: Non-Verbal & Verbal Communications-DVD

Communications trainers teach this course in correctional officer safety,
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Accident Scene Management - Video

Includes accident reconstruction techniques, crowd control and officer safety at an accident scene. Included are investigation methods.
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Acquaintance/Date Rape Investigation (DVD)

Explores the growing problem of date rapes. Discusses the types of drugs used and the way they are typically delivered.
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Automatic Weapons In Law Enforcement (DVD)

A look at how some departments are gearing up to try and stay even with the new breed of criminal by adopting automatic weapons. A look back at the "L.A. Shootout"
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Basic & Power Handcuffing (DVD)

Training experts first take viewers through the basics of handcuffing. Includes a demonstration by Brad Inman. The training then moves to the more advanced power cuffing techniques. Field proven alternatives to prone cuffing are taught.
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Bike Patrols Part 1 (DVD)

An introduction into the use of bike patrols by law enforcement. Equipment and an overview of tactics are demonstrated.
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Bio-Terrorism (Healthcare) - Video

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has identified particular viruses as high-priority agents for bio-terrorism because they include organisms that pose a risk to national security. Learn about these "Category A" high-priority biological diseases which include: Anthrax, Botulism, Plague, Smallpox, Tularemia, and Viral Hemorrhagic Fever.
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Bio-Terrorism / Anthrax Awareness - DVD

Bio-Terrorism/Anthrax Awareness: One of the most sought after topic experts in the teaches you about Bio-Terrorism. Anthrax and other weapons of mass destruction are discussed.
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Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens - Video

Medical experts train in the do's and don't of handling situations where body fluids and airborne pathogens are present.

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Chemical And Biological Threat - Emergency Preparedness DVD

This program covers the basic aspects of chemical and biological threats, what they are and what we can do to protect ourselves. This program examines the chemical and biological terrorism threat and how businesses and individuals can respond. Chris Troesh, Chemical Expert, is on camera in this program.
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Citizen Homeland Security (DVD)

Citizens Homeland Security program will help provide knowledge you may not know or may simply reinforce your understanding of terrorism and how you can help. In addition to the national and technological hazards we face, people around the world face threats posed by hostile governments or extremists groups. These threats to national security include acts of terrorism and acts of war.
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Citizens Homeland (DVD)

Terrorism is the use of force or violence against persons or property in violation of criminal laws. These acts of terrorism range from threats of terrorism, assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings, bomb scares and bombing, cyber attacks, and the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. This program will provide information on terrorism and how to be prepared for these emergencies.
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Close Quarter Cuffing Techniques (DVD)

By it's very nature, cuffing in a corrections facility is almost always done in close quarters. Both basic and advanced techniques are demonstrated in this multimedia training.
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Community Policing 1: Violence In The Workplace (DVD)

Deals with methods for business, private security and law enforcement to work together. Dispatcher and first responder training is conducted.
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Community Policing 2: Responding To School Violence Part 1: The Warning Signs (DVD)

Learn what to look for in a child that may be ready to commit violence. Training in the fact that school violence IS a community policing problem. Teaches the causes of potential violence: personal, family and social factors.
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Community Policing 3: Responding To School Violence Part 2: Response (DVD)

Learn effective prevention, intervention and crisis response strategies. Trains in crisis response and approaches that schools are using that appear to be working.
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Conflict Resolution 1: Basic Problem Solving (DVD)

Learn the definition of and objectives of problem solving as a correctional officer. This program taches that sometimes inmates problems are beyond some officers capabilities - when to call for backup.
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Control & Compliance 1: Ground Defense & Custody Control Belts (DVD)

Officer survival based program teaches defense should you be on the ground facing an upright adversary. Custody control belts are growing in popularity and are demonstrated.
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Control & Compliance 2: Pressure Points - DVD

Defensive tactics trainers demonstrate and instruct in pressure point control.
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Control Holds & Take-downs (DVD)

Larry Smith, retired from the San Diego P.D., demonstrates a variety of empty hand control techniques. Learn how to quickly and safely control subjects, possibly lowering the need to move up the force scale.
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Corrections Officer Survival & Safety 1: Relative Position & Escorts (DVD)

Corrections trainers teach the proper methods for safely escorting inmates.and what to do if things go bad.
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Court Room Targeted Training (8 DVD Programs)

Court Room Safety & Security - Targeted Training Module
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Crime Scene Preservation (DVD)

This program uniquely blends a role-playing scenario of a crime scene, with an actual case that was solved using DNA identification. Major case squad members train first responders in maintaining the integrity of a crime scene. Actual crime scenes are visited and officers share their procedures and results.
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Cross Gender Searches (DVD)

As the title suggests, this multimedia training explores the issues surrounding searches of opposite gender searches.
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Cultural Diversity Part 1 - Street Level Spanish - DVD

It is predicted that by the year 2020, 25% of the U.S. population will be of Spanish origin, making Spanish an extremely important language to become conversant in.

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Cyber Crime (Law Enforcement/Fire/Security)

Cyber Crime - Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the way we do business. Along with this technical progress, we are introduced to Cyber crime and privacy issues. When we hear the word cyber crime, it conjures up the scene of young computer hackers trying to break into computers to do harm to a particular company or website.

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Deadly Force Issues (DVD)

Trains in the courts working definition of deadly force. Profiles an officer involved in multiple fatal shootings. Learn the ways to deal with the stress that almost always follows the use of lethal force.
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Defensive Tactics - Package 1 (DVD Set)

(6-DVD Set) This law enforcement training package covers handgun retention, counter assault and survival, subject control, ground defense and the use of force.
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Disaster Preparedness Training Video Package

Emergency Action Preparedness - 5 Safety Videos in one package with extra training materials!.
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Disaster Safety : Aftermath & Cleanup (DVD)

Recovery teams at natural and man-made disasters have important and hazardous jobs to do - from finding survivors to restoring power.
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Domestic Violence Part 1 (DVD)

Domestic violence is increasingly becoming a big problem for law enforcement officials. In this title (DVD or video), ALERT covers the ABC’s of responding to domestic violence abuse calls, as well as covering the understanding of the three phases of the cycle of violence. Tactical and legal issues surrounding domestic violence response are also covered. Special focus on first response and victim assistance. Your officers need this reminding to be ALWAYS prepared for any surprises.
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Domestic Violence Part 2 (DVD)

This DVD program expands on domestic violence to include abuse of children and the elderly. Also in this program we cover how police officers deal with stalking and death threats associated with domestic violence. Discussions of departmental policies and their limitations. Liability issues explained in depth.
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Drug Enforcement 1: Street Sellers (DVD)

Drug Enforcement 1: Street Sellers
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