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E-Learning Courses for Employees


Defeating Unconscious Bias : E-learning Course

At the completion of training, each participant will become aware of the impact of unconscious biases on themselves, their colleagues, and their workplace; understand that even unconscious biases can be defeated; and learn how to employ 5 practical strategies to identify and counter their own unconscious biases.
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Energy 101: Overview of Energy (Online Course)

This course provides an overview of energy, starting with the first energy sources used by humans, and continues through today's newly emerging energy sources. It also includes a look at the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources and the most popular energy sources in use around the world.
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Energy 201: Formation of Hydrocarbons (Online Course)

This course discusses how the universe began with a "big bang" of energy and describes how microscopic life in the earth's ocean basins flourished by capturing and storing that energy.
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Energy 301: Geology of Hydrocarbons (Online Course)

This course explains the role that plate tectonics plays in the formation of sedimentary basins, where microorganisms are transformed into hydrocarbons through burial and cooking. It also describes the importance of source rock porosity and permeability, and how geologic trapping structures such as faults, anticlines, stratigraphic traps, and salt domes play a role in the migration of hydrocarbons and the formation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. 

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Energy 401 Geology and Topography

This course explains how petroleum geoscientists use topography and geology to help locate hydrocarbon reservoirs. It explains that, as a result of their topographic and geologic features, certain locations are more likely than others to have reservoirs.
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Energy 402: Survey Techniques for Hydrocarbon Exploration (Online Course)

This course explains the techniques that petroleum geoscientists use to narrow their search from a large area down to one spot where they can drill for hydrocarbons. These include magnetic surveys, gravity surveys, and seismic surveys.
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Energy 501 Drilling Basics (Online Course)

This course provides an overview of drilling for oil and natural gas, including an explanation of the drilling process, a description of the types of wells, and a discussion about factors that influence the cost of drilling a well.
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Energy 502 Advanced Technology in Drilling (Online Course)

This course provides information about advanced technologies used in drilling today. There are two important areas where technology has improved: data collection and drilling techniques.
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Energy 503: Specialized Drilling (Online Course)

This course describes two types of specialized drilling: extreme drilling and offshore drilling.
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Energy 601 Well Completion and Production

This course explains the purpose of well completion and the process for completing a well. It also describes production techniques, including the techniques for primary recovery, methods of artificial lift, and improved recovery techniques.
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Energy 701: Refining Crude Oil (Online Course)

In this course, you will see the four primary processes refineries use to separate crude oil molecules by size, and to change the size or shape of crude oil molecules. These refined molecules are used to produce gasoline and other products.
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Energy 702: Natural Gas Production (Online Course)

This course describes the chemical properties of natural gas, including its differences and similarities with crude oil.
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Energy 801: Transportation and Distribution (Online Course)

Oil and natural gas must be delivered from the wellhead to the end user. This course discusses the different methods of accomplishing this, including storage, distribution through pipelines, overland rail and truck transportation, and overseas transportation.
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Energy 901: Other Non-renewable Energy Sources (Online Courses)

This course provides an overview of non-petroleum, non-renewable energy sources, including coal and nuclear energy. It also explains the inner workings of a power generator.
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Energy 902 Renewable Energy Sources

This course provides an overview of renewable energy sources, including: wind, solar, hydroelectric, ocean, geothermal, biomass, and fuel cell energy. It includes a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of each. 

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HazMat: What You Need to Know

This HazMat training video helps you meet mandated training requirements for OSHA’s revised GHS Hazard Communication Standard. (DVD or Video Streaming)

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HMNS Wiess Energy Hall Online (Course Bundle)

This package covers an array of energy topics, starting with an overview of energy and continuing with the lifecycle of hydrocarbons, covering everything from hydrocarbon formation through exploration and discovery, drilling, production, refining, and transportation.
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Let's Get Together! Communicating Respect in a Diverse Workplace

Let's Get Together: Communicating Respect In a Diverse Workplace is a unique and comprehensive approach to the issues of communication, diversity, conflict-management and teamwork.
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Pause For Performance: It's About Respect II - Streaming Video

From offensive jokes and name-calling, to intimidation and physical assault. Harassment can take a variety of forms.
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Predictable Revenue: Why Sales People Shouldn’t Prospect (eLearning Course)

This course will help you know why it's important to specialize your sales team and how this simple action can help you triple your sales.
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Sexual Harassment The Untold Story

Sexual Harassment: The Untold Story

Sexual Harassment: The Untold Story helps employees determine whether a particular behavior is considered harassment. It alerts employees to examples of harassment that go beyond sexual favors
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Transportation Automotive Safety Innovations

Automobiles have evolved in many ways over the years, with increasing fuel economy, reliability, handling, and comfort. However, automobile manufacturing is in a new era, focusing on safety while incorporating impressive new technologies into our transportation needs.
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