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Supermarket Safety Training Videos


Supermarket & Convenience Store Safety Video Package (10 DVD-Set)

Order our supermarket safety and convenience store training video courses to learn about sanitation and hygiene in the grocery environment.

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Slips, Trips & Falls Safety Meeting Kit

The "Slips, Trips and Falls" Safety Meeting Kit discusses the mechanics of slips, trips, and falls, the types of hazards that employees are likely to encounter that lead to them, and the safe practices and equipment that they can use to stay safely on their feet.
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Ladder Safety Meeting Kit

The Ladder Safety Safety Meeting Kit shows that because they are so common, many employees take ladders for granted, and don't take the appropriate precautions when using ladders.
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Accident Investigation Safety Meeting Kit

This Accident Investigation Safety Meeting Kit shows employees steps that are taken in an accident investigation, and highlights how important it is for employees to fully cooperate with any inquiry.
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Slips, Trips, & Falls: Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Slips, trips and falls are among the leading causes of disabling accidents in the workplace. Yet the vast majority of these injuries can be prevented with a commitment to certain basic but very important principles.
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Unmasking Food Nutrition Labels DVD

Unmasking Food Nutrition Labels "Mysteries Revealed" program will help you understand the nutrition facts on food labels. Perhaps the most important, yet most confusing labels on foods are the Nutrition Facts labels. In this program, we'll provide enough information for you to be fully informed about these labels, but more importantly, how to read them and the meaning of the information.

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Cardboard Baler Safety Training DVD

Baler Safety program reviews the safety features and operating procedures when operating a baler. A mechanical baler is a very useful and productive machine. It's designed to be a safe machine, but any machine can be hazardous if it's not used properly.
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Convenience/Supermarket Store Safety (DVD)

Convenience/Supermarket Store Safety program will make you aware of hazards so you can take action to prevent them from becoming accidents and injuries. Safety is an important part of your job responsibilities.
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Customer Accidents - Third Party Liability (DVD)

This program provides generally accepted guidelines in what we call third party liability or non-employee liability claims. There are many things you can do that prevent or help reduce customer accidents.
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Human Behavior - Preventing Unsafe Acts (DVD)

Human Behavior - Preventing Unsafe Acts program focuses on how human behavior can result in unsafe acts with emphasis on prevention. In today's work environment, employees are protected by a variety of safety laws, rules, regulations and of course, concerned employers. Safety is just good business and it requires a team effort and responsibility by all employees.
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Ladder Safety Training DVD

This Ladder Safety program talks about the thousands of individuals who are injured by falling off a ladder each year. Most injuries are caused by slipping on grease, oil and solvents left on the rungs and sides of the ladder.
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Supermarket Safety - Box Cutter Safety Training Video & DVD

Box Cutter Safety program will show you how to safely use a box cutter. There are many varieties of box cutters. Box cutter injuries are not caused by the type of box cutter, but by the lack of attention and training of the individual. Another name for box cutters is “finger cutters.”
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Walkie Stacker Safety Training DVD

Walkie-stacker Safe Operating Procedures program covers the safe operation of the walkie stacker. It is an extremely important part of many organizations’ material-handling responsibilities; however, extreme caution must be taken when using this type of equipment.
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Preventing Slips and Falls

The National Bureau of Standards recognized the need to have some measurement of slip-resistance of various surfaces.
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Electric Pallet Jack (DVD)

Electric Pallet Jack - A very important piece of equipment in the warehouse and material-handling areas is the electric pallet jack. It’s an economical and versatile unit, designed to move stacks of materials from one place to another safely and without injury or product damage.

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Forklifts and Pedestrian Safety Training DVD

Forklifts And Pedestrian Safety - More injuries are experienced by pedestrians or persons not operating equipment than actual forklift operators.
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Supermarket Customer Service Training DVD

Supermarket Customer Service program provides tips on improving customer service. Customer services are recognized sales builder in any retail business. Customers want to shop and buy merchandise in retail establishments where they are treated with courtesy, respect, and dignity.
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Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation - DVD Training

Provides training regarding the safe operation and dangers of the two most common types of motorized pallet jack trucks: “walkies” and “walkie-riders."

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Material Handling Order Selector DVD

Material Handling Order Selector - There is a variety of material handling order selector equipment in use today. The same principles apply generally to all types of order selector equipment, but each person who is trained and authorized to operate this equipment must always follow the equipment manufacturer's operating and safety instructions. Your organization may have additional safety rules and procedures, which you must also follow for proper operating guidelines.
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Lifting Safely With Back Belts DVD

Lifting Safely with Back Beltslooks at how the back works and how wearing back belts can provide support. The vast majority of back injuries are preventable; however, many back problems are not the result of injury, but are the result of degeneration of the discs.
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What's Wrong With This Picture? (DVD)

This program reviews safety skills in the areas of lifting, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), HAZCOM, and fire hazards. Pictures will be shown to the viewers to see if they can identify improper and unsafe acts while employees are performing their jobs.
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Retail Employee Safety Training DVD

Retail Employee Safety - Safety in a retail environment is an important part of your job responsibilities and should be accepted as a routine part of your work.

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Retail Security (DVD)

Retail Security program is simply trying to make all employees aware of their responsibility to the company and their families that shrinkage in any form is jeopardizing their job.
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Safe Lifting For The Trucking and Warehouse Industry

Safe Lifting For The Trucking And Warehouse Industry - Preventing back injuries is a very popular subject because back injuries continue to occur at an alarming rate. We learned, without a doubt, each individual is absolutely the most important ingredient of any safe lifting program.

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Warehouse and Distribution Center (DVD)

Warehouse and Distribution Center Safety program will help you to be more aware of your responsibilities and improve safety in your distribution center. Safety retail distribution centers are the nerve centers of retail corporations.
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