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Teens & Date Rape (Pack of 25/Booklets)

Through interactive scenarios that appeal to students, this training booklet clarifies the issue of date rape, focuses on causes and effects, and suggests actions that a victim should follow.
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Teens 101 - Complete Video Series

Teens 101 is a multi-media initiative towards reaching, guiding, empowering, and inspiring youth through the issues that can affect their mental health and well being.
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Teens and Sex: What You Need to Know (2 Pack) DVD

The road to informed sexual decision-making is filled with potential wrong turns. Peer pressure, misinformation, media exposure and powerful hormones can make it difficult for teens to make decisions in their own best interest.
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Teens Talk About Alcohol, Sex, And Violence (2-Pack) Video

Your students hear the unvarnished truth as real teenagers talk openly about the serious circumstances they found themselves in when using alcohol. This documentary-style program focuses on the consequences of the high-risk activities young people engage in when they drink.
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Teens, and Ethics

Teens and Ethics DVD

Under the direction of a counselor, real teens talk about the potentially life-changing decisions they face every day: decisions about smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, lying, cheating and shoplifting. Viewers are asked to think about their own choices and values and what it means to be 'ethical.' On screen, the teens discuss the consequences that follow bad decisions.
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Ten Things to Do Instead of Hitting DVD

Explains that hitting only makes things worse and advises viewers to stop and think what they can do instead.
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The Bully Report

The Bully Report (Video)

'The Bully Report' is the story of a third grader named 'Quinn’ who is relentlessly teased in the classroom, in the halls, and out on the playground.
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The Courtesy Challenge Training Video

The members of a rock-climbing team realize they need to brush up on the basics of manners. The more they learn, the higher they climb. To master extreme etiquette they must follow the "CLIMB" protocol: use Common courtesies, watch their Language, make smooth Introductions, know Mealtime manners, and go beyond the Basics.
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The Netiquette Edge Educational Video

The Netiquette Edge Educational Video

Teens get in on the ballroom dancing craze and realize that learning the steps of technology manners is a lot like learning dance steps. By applying good manners to the Internet, cell phones, iPods and other gadgets, they see how to keep wired to today's technology without losing the personal touch.
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The Truth About Inhalants (2 Pack) DVD

This video gives viewers the facts about inhalants, the fumes or vapors found in common household products. It shows how breathing them in, purposely or accidentally, can quickly damage body organs and even cause death. Interweaving real-life vignettes and graphics on inhalants' dangers with tips on their safe use, offers a powerful indictment of inhalant abuse.
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Violence on The Job (Schools) - DVD

Violence On The Job - This program is designed to explain what workplace violence is and more important, how you can help prevent workplace violence and homicides in the workplace.
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Violence Prevention: Don't Be a Victim (2 Pack) DVD

The threat and reality of violence has greatly increased for young people, whose inexperience can make them easy targets. Without using scare tactics, and interweaving advice from safety experts and real teens' stories, this program offers specific strategies students can use to keep themselves from being a victim at school, on the street, or on the Internet.
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What is Date Rape? Tri-Fold Brochures

Educate and inform to prevent date rape with the What is Date Rape? Tri-Fold Brochures. This tri-fold brochure provides an overview of what is date rate, myths about date rape, and the steps to take if you've been date raped.

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What To Do About Anger (DVD)

This hands-on workshop in anger-management skills helps children get along better with friends, family, and authority figures.
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What To Do When You Get Angry (DVD)

Using situations that youngsters will relate to, and lively music that reinforces key skills, this video program is sure to give students the information they need to being to handle their anger.
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 What's a Bully?  Video

What's a Bully? DVD

Grades 3-5 Using situations that middle-elementary students will readily recognize, the program dramatizes different examples of bullying behavior: physical bullying, teasing with put downs and taunts, spreading rumors, and harassing with threats and insults over the Internet.

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When Dating Turns Dangerous (2 Pack) DVD

Shows students in an abusive relationship that they did not cause the abuse nor can they control or change the abuser. Helps them understand that by ending the relationship, they can get back to a normal life.
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When Should You Tell? Dealing With Abuse DVD

Grades 3-5 Getting young victims of sexual abuse to tell someone can be a key step in preventing further abuse. Using one child's experience to demonstrate that no girl or boy ever needs to keep scary secrets, program helps abused children recognize that what they are experiencing is not the norm, and that they can be helped by telling an adult they can trust.

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When You See Bullying Happen: What A Bystander Can Do DVD

When You See Bullying Happen: What A Bystander Can Do DVD

Copyright 2004 - While some bystanders laugh and encourage the bully because they fear being the next target, others want to help the victim but feel helpless to do anything.
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All About Friends DVD

Friends are important to children, but what makes a good friend? Three age-appropriate scenarios show the youngest students that a friend is someone who makes you feel good about yourself, won’t talk you into doing something you know is wrong, and doesn’t make it hard for you to have friends other than them. After viewing this program, students will understand what it takes to be a good friend, realize they don't always have to say “yes” to a friend, and know it’s okay to have lots of friends. Includes 14 reproducible student worksheets on CD.

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All About Middle School DVD

Middle school not only brings changes in responsibility, workload and extracurricular activities, it brings physical, emotional and social changes as well. This fast-paced, fun-filled program gives young teens an insider's look at how to manage all these changes.
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Building Good Relationships (2 Pack)

This exciting program captures the attention of viewers and engages them in building the skills to assess the health of a relationship, manage conflicts effectively, and communicate clearly.
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Which Fork Do I Use? Video

Four students seek the advice of a manners expert as they prepare for a formal event. Which Fork's reality-TV vibe uses real-life questions to help the students learn and practice formal etiquette.
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Why We Wear What We Wear Training DVD

A group of teens goes on a clothing scavenger hunt and discovers there are many reasons people choose certain types of clothing. Viewers will begin to understand how comfort, lifestyle, taste, age, time, school, work, climate, occupation, age, culture, and cost - as well as personal style - all influence our decisions about what we wear.
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You Think You Have Problems In School? DVD

This video takes a look at a woman, who truly does have problems, but she doesn’t let these problems and difficulties get her down. She’s on the move, she’s working, she’s a motivator, and she just doesn’t let anything stop her from helping others.

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