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Television & Filmmaking Videos


Shaping Your Sound Series Part 1: Microphones, Mixers & Multitrack Recording

This series teaches how to best mike, record and mix drums, guitars, pianos, horns, vocals, strings and more. Plus analog multi-track recording & multitrack recorders, tape editing & dozens of examples, animations & visuals showing expert recording skills.
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The Art Of Mixing

A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering & Production. David Gibsons hugely popular The Art of Mixing, the book that has taught a generation of mixing engineers, comes to life with over 3-1/2 hours of vivid, animated instruction on one feature-packed DVD!
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The Complete Kodak Cinematography Master Class Series

In this training series, nine of the worlds finest cinematographers share the wealth of their experience in a workshop setting as they guide you through a series of professional lighting problems both in studio and on location.
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Lessons In Visual Language Set: Movement & Moving The Camera, Orientation Of The Camera, Framing, Shot Sizes & Framing Faults, Lenses & Perspective.

This award-winning series, devised and narrated by Peter Thompson, deals with the fundamental language of all moving images. Thompson opens our eyes to the basics of vision that we all take for granted.
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Basic Radio Skills: The Art Of Radio Advertising

Two of Americas most successful radio commercial producers, Bert Berdis and Alan Bartzman, discuss their approach to concept and development, copyrighting and directing for radio ads.
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Classic Hollywood Makeup Techniques Video

Top Hollywood makeup artist Christina Rodriguez, demonstrates one of the most popular and requested looks on a set, the clean face. This program shows how to create a flawless complexion by highlighting the face to look natural as if the person has no makeup.
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Stop Motion Animation With Stop Motion Pro

Excellent for Students & Novice Animation. Clay animator Mark Sawicki examines the fundamental principles of animation by demonstrating the persistence of vision phenomenon by way of the Thoumatrope, Zoetrope and Flip Book.
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The Business Of TV News: The Bosses

Meet the Bosses - Bill Lord, WJLA Washington DC, Steve Cohen, News Director KUSI San Diego, Christine Miceli Exec Producer-KTLA Los Angeles, John Coleman Weatherman KUSI San Diego (55 years in business- created the Weather Channel) Andrew Wyatt GM, KWST Yuma, AZ. Shannon Maze ND KWST Yuma, AZ and David Plummer VanderPloeg News Operations Manager, KUSI San Diego. These are the veterans, the bosses, the suits.
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The Business Of TV News: Making It the Rookie & The Veteran

With Frank Buckley KTLA Los Angeles Anchor and Cambi Brown first year reporter KWST, Yuma AZ. Move away from home to a small market station being paid little to nothing, move up from that first tiny station to become a CNN correspondent or become a reporter and anchor in the number 2 market in the country.
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Legends Of Screen Make-Up Featuring John Chambers, Dick Smith & Jack Dawn

Produced by Scott Essman. This three program compilation takes a look back on the cinematic pioneers & masters of make up of the 20th century featuring John Chambers (Planet of the Apes), Dick Smith (The Exorcist), and Jack Dawn (The Wizard of Oz).
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Ray Harryhausen - The Master Of Animation

Stopmotion animator and filmmaker Ray Harryhausens achievements and influence are incalculable.
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Live Sound Reinforcement

A Comprehensive Guide to P.A. & Music Reinforcement Systems & Technology. Based on the bestselling MixBooks title, the Live Sound Reinforcement deluxe DVD is for anyone serious about operating professional sound reinforcement equipment
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Mixing, Gain Structure & Phase Reversal

Subjects Covered Include: Introduction, Fundamentals, Mixing Console, Gain Structure and Phase Reversal
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Equalizers, Frequency & Processing

Subjects Covered Include: Equalizers, Find the Freqs., Auz Lines, Dynamic Processing and Effect Processing
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Speakers, Adapters & Trouble Shooting

Subjects Covered Include: Crossovers, Speaker and Amplifiers, Connectors and Cables, Adapters, Patching and Trouble Shooting
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Microphones, Micing & Sound Check

Subjects Covered Include: Microphones, Input List of Stage Plots, Micing Up the Stage and Sound Check
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Theatre Sound & System

Subjects Covered Include: Theater Sound, System Design, Readable Materials and Farwell
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Lessons In Visual Language Set: Editing, Rhythm, Music, Image & Screen, The Third Dimension

This award-winning series, devised and narrated by Peter Thompson, deals with the fundamental language of all moving images. Thompson opens our eyes to the basics of vision that we all take for granted.
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Smithees Lecture: A Digital Editing Exercise

A Dynamic Educational Resource Designed For Use In The Classroom Where Video Editing Is Taught.Telly Award Winning. By Award Winning Filmmaker, David Liban. Editing is a powerful art form that can make or break a good video or film.
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Independent Movie Making: On Budget, On Schedule

A must see for aspiring and established film makers. You cant make a film without a budget - this series is a fantastic primer on Budgets for Film for Real-World filmmaking taught by filmmakers.
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The Art Of Screenwriting - Character, Adaptation, Dialogue, Description, Narrative & Structure

First presented as part of the Writers Guild Foundations prestigious Words into Pictures event, The Art of Screenwritingn series features Hollywoods top motion picture and television writers, discussing specific aspects of the art of writing for screen & the different approaches to their craft.
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Dance Class For The Actor Series with Cathy Roe

The Dance Class For Actors & Musical Theater With Cathy Roe - Level 1 & Level 2. Level 1 includes a full dance class forbeginners that includes basic warm up, exercises for building rhythm skills
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Media, Impact And Influences

This program discusses the effects of the media on teens. It is designed to help teens feel comfortable discussing these issues as well as the positive and negative effects of the media.
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Role Of Advertising Agency

This program features Australian-owned advertising agency Box Emery & Partners, offering a privileged look at the way an agency works and how it produces the materials that will promote the products and services of its clients.
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Hollywood Inside Out: The Music Industry

The business and creative aspects of the music industry are fully examined in this detailed instructional video.
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