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The Influencer Report: Survey Findings, Trends, and Forecasts - Free Download

PR News and Meltwater conducted a survey to gauge the importance of influencers to marketing and communications professionals. We asked how and why brands are using influencers, how much they pay them, and what challenges arise from working with them.
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Accelerated Business Growth

In this content-rich presentation Ford Saeks shares expert tips that will help you grow quickly and stand out from the crowd. After teaching you how to recognize what makes your business unique, Ford lays out practical, easy-to-follow marketing steps that will help you capture both attention and business.
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An Entrepreneur's Guide On Launching & Growing A Business

A comprehensive, in-depth and entertaining series that mentors young entrepreneurs on launching and growing a business. From startup to the growing pains of a billion dollar business, it is all covered. Plus over 15 highly successful, real-world young entrepreneurs share their insights, acting as personal mentors to give individuals confidence, inspiration and help them grow.
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Inc. Magazine: Business Advisor Series

Inc. Business Advisor provides “best practice” management information for entrepreneurs to help create and build their business. Inc. draws upon more than thirty years of experience with the most successful, innovative entrepreneurs in the world.

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Guide To Internet Marketing (Download)

Using the Internet is simply the best and most effective marketing tool available to any size company. Small niche businesses can really benefit the most. After all, if you are in a niche, then getting in front of your target customer is one of the hardest marketing tasks. But not anymore…
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Social Media Automation Video Course

To survive in business, you must appear everywhere your customers are. This includes the major social media platforms.
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Social Messaging Apps For Marketers Video Course

With this video course you will learn how to use social media and social messaging apps together as a powerful marketing strategy.
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Biz Kid$ Series: Seasons 1 - 5

From the producers of Bill Nye The Science Guy comes Biz Kid$, the fun, fast-paced series where kids teach kids about credit, saving, budgeting, investing money and business. Whether a handbag designer, podcast host, or a dog groomer, the young business owners on the series inspire viewers to turn their passions into profit. Comedy sketches and spoofs make the series a hit with kids and parents alike.
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Podcast Marketing - eBook

With a podcast, you can connect with a brand-new audience: people who may otherwise never find your content because they prefer audio format.
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Referral Marketing Report

If you're looking to maximize exposure and profits while consistently working towards acquiring new customers, there is no better way than with referral marketing

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Advertising & TV Commercial Series

This series of training programs examines how television commercials are made and who they affect. Each program is accompanied by comprehensive study notes.
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Nike TV Commercial

Every aspect of a NIKE ad is dissected to reveal the extraordinary path of the making of a TV commercial.
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Hollywood Inside Out: The Music Industry

The business and creative aspects of the music industry are fully examined in this detailed instructional video.
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Standard Deviants School Marketing Module 1: The Basics DVD

How do you know if your product is reaching your target consumers? Who are your target consumers? The Standard Deviants will guide you through this important subject by illustrating marketing basics, like generating sales, mission statements, creating a marketing plan.
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Role Of Research In Advertising

This program looks at the role of research into public attitudes to advertisements and how the results of this research can affect both the sales of the product and the ways in which the product is advertised.
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Advertising The Hidden Language

Dr. Philip Bell of the National Academy of Advertising shows how successful ads implicate the viewer in the completion of fantasy narratives.
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Standard Deviants School Marketing Module 2: Persuasion DVD

Ever wonder how companies persuade the public to buy their products? Do you want to know how advertising and public relations make products seem more appealing? Find out as the Standard Deviants illustrate concepts like marketing research and information, targeting strategies, and product positioning.
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How Ratings Work - Audience Feedback Systems

This program is a valuable instructional aide for mass communications and media instructors.
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Standard Deviants School Marketing Module 3: Target Consumers DVD

How do you know if your product is reaching your target consumers? Who are your target consumers? If you're not sure, then it's time you learned about marketing. We'll teach you the four P's of marketing: product, price, place and promotion.
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Street Smart Sales & Marketing

In this fast-paced, entertaining, and idea-loaded program, you’ll learn dozens of innovative tactics for selling and marketing your products and services more effectively than ever before.

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Role Of Advertising Agency

This program features Australian-owned advertising agency Box Emery & Partners, offering a privileged look at the way an agency works and how it produces the materials that will promote the products and services of its clients.
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Development Communication & Communication Technology: Everett M. Rogers

Development Communication & Communication Technology with Everett M. Rogers: Everett M. Rogers, communication scholar, theorist, writer, and teacher discusses his research in the field of development communication, diffusion of innovations and communication technology.
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Media Ethics Video

Media Literacy: Media Ethics Video

This program focuses on those who work as media professionals whether they are public relations specialists, journalists, photojournalists, advertising executives, newspaper editors or camera operators.
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Deal Closing Secrets - Video Series

This video series was made for online marketers who want to close deals with online or offline businesses.
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Media Researchers Series

Media Researchers" provides a bridge for instructors by offering a new approach for teaching and learning theory.
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